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Aims Activities - Answers

1. What answers did you get? Did you think of any things that I don't have listed here? Let me know if you did!

to clear up all the blood - this matters because blood can be dangerous- you might slip on it, or you might get diseases from it
to promote recovery
to stop them getting worse
to stop them getting dying
to get oxygen to the brain
to get them to a safe place
to call an ambulance
making the person less frightened
stop bleeding
saving lives
stopping pain

looking cool
to make them look pretty
to tie pretty bandages
to run around screaming
getting your picture in the newspaper
get the patient a drink as soon as possible
find the patient’s friends
making yourself feel good - although first aid can make you feel good, that's not one of the most important things.

2. Put these patients in the order you would treat them in, according to the DRABC approach. Imagine that there's just you there.

Tracey has been doing some decorating, and has fallen off her ladder. You heard a scream, then a loud thump, so went outside your house to investigate. You just see her lying on the floor. She's not responsive, so you open her airway. But she's still not breathing.
This patient isn't breathing, so the brain's getting desperate for some oxygen! You need to start at the beginning - DRABC, call an ambulance, then start giving her rescue breaths. Even if there's blood everywhere, you need to start with B for breathing!


You're walking back through the park quite late at night with your parents. You see someone lying on the floor, so you go and investigate. Your parents come with you, but they don't know any first aid. The person is unresponsive to pain. You hear some very funny noises. You do a head tilt chin lift, and the funny noises stop. The patient is breathing.
It sounds like this person is drunk. This can make everything go a bit floppy, so their tongue starts to block the airway. This causes the funny noises (a bit like a clarinet or an oboe- the air rushing past the reed makes a noise). When you do a head tilt chin lift, you move the tongue out of the way. Once you've opened the airway, and checked for breathing, you should put the patient in the recovery position, and call an ambulance.

Helen has come round to your house for a sleepover. She goes into the kitchen to get a drink, and takes a while coming back, so you go and find her. When you get to the kitchen she's sitting quietly on the floor, looking a bit pale. You go over to have a look, and notice that the glass has broken, and has cut her wrists. There's blood everywhere.
Although  Helen is still breathing, you're quite worried about her. Oxygen is carried in the blood, and she's lost a lot of blood. It looks like she might not be getting enough oxygen to the brain. You need to stop the bleeding as soon as you can, and she might even need to go to hospital. Be careful not to get any glass near you otherwise you might cut yourself too.

Peter is screaming his head off. You go and investigate, and notice that he's cut his finger. He's running around the room, dripping blood all over your Mum's new white carpet, yelling at you to do something.
Because Peter's yelling, you know that plenty of oxygen is getting to his brain, so he's responsive, has an airway, and is breathing. You need to stop the bleeding, but you aren't too worried about him!