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If someone is bleeding, it’s really easy to be distracted by the blood, and try and sort that out first. You always need to check your DRAB - they might have stopped breathing as well.

If someone is screaming, you know that they are responsive, have an airway, and are breathing.

Blood has lots of dangers associated with it. You might slip on it, or you could catch some nasty bugs from it. Make sure you put on a pair of plastic gloves, before touching anyone who is bleeding. If you don’t have any gloves- try using something else, like a carrier bag.

Now you’ve sorted DRAB, it’s time to stop the bleeding!! Put pressure on the wound, and lift it so it’s above the heart. You could ask the hurt person to do this while you find some gloves to wear.

Once you’ve stopped the bleeding, you should try and clean the wound, to make sure there are no nasty bugs left in it. Clean running  water and some gauze is best.

If there’s anything stuck in the wound, like glass or dirt, it’s best to leave it in. We call things like this a ‘foreign body’. You leave them in, because if you take them out, the person might start bleeding again. You might accidentally leave a bit in too.

Once the bleeding has stopped, you might want to put a bandage on, to help stop nasty little bugs getting in. A bandage might also help stop the bleeding. If it’s a very small wound, a plaster might be big enough.

There’s no specific way of putting a bandage on- you just need to make sure it’s on tight enough, but not too tight, and you’ve covered all the wound, so that nasty bugs can’t get in.