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Broken Bones

A broken bone really really hurts, but it can be difficult to know whether someone has just badly hurt their leg, or whether they’ve broken a bone.

If you think someone’s broken a bone, they really need to go to hospital so the Doctors or Nurses can do some tests (x-rays) to check. They might not need to go in an ambulance- a taxi or an adult’s car is normally OK.

While you’re waiting for an adult to arrive, you need to try and stop the pain. The pain is caused when the two broken ends of bone rub together. The best way to stop the pain, is to stop the two ends of bone rubbing together. We need to do that by ‘immobilising’ the broken bone.

Ask someone who knows first aid to show you how to put a sling on. You can practice this on your friends! This video is also quite good.