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A burn is damage to the skin caused by excessive heat. There are lots of different things that can burn you:
    steam from a shower or kettle is called a scald, or wet burn
    burn from the sun is called a radiation burn
    burn from things rubbing against each other, like your knee and the carpet, is called a friction burn
    burns from acids and other liquids that aren’t hot are called chemical burns.
    burns from electricity are called electrical burns

What ever type of burn someone has, the treatment is still the same. First, check DRAB. If that’s all OK, you need to try and cool everything down, before more things get damaged. The best way to cool something down is cold running water- put the burnt area under that for at least 10minutes!  If someone’s burnt their legs- put them in the bath!!!

Our skin is there for two main reasons- one is to keep nasty bugs out, and the other is to keep water inside Cling filming a burn!us, otherwise we’ll dry out like a crisp!!! If you’ve got a very big burn, lots of nasty bugs might go into your blood and make you very poorly. You might also loose lots of water which can also make you poorly. Until you can get them to hospital, this person needs some fake skin. Things like bandages and cotton wool are really really bad, because a burn is really sticky, so bits of fluff would get stuck in the burn. These would hurt lots when they got taken out. Something that won’t stick is what you need - cling film is perfect!!

The red cross video shows this really well!

If someone has burnt themselves, take them to an adult as soon as you can - they might need to go to the hospital.