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Calling for Help

There are lots of ways you can call for help. One of the easiest is to shout, very loudly. If you’re doing a special activity, they might have different ways of calling for help- sailors put their sails up upside down, or use flares (special fireworks).

If you need medical help, the best way to get help is by calling 999 or 112. This number is free to call. 

When you call 999, you will be asked lots of questions. Answer as many of them as you can- if you don’t know the answer, tell the person on the other end of the phone (the operator), don’t make up answers!

∙    Fire, police or ambulance?
    If someone is hurt, you need an ambulance.
∙    What telephone number are you calling from?
    The operator needs to know this incase you get cut off, so they can ring you back. In phone boxes, the phone number is normally written just under the handset.
∙    What is the exact location?
    This means where are you! Try and give a road name, and then any other helpful information- like which lamppost number you’re near, any other roads nearby and things like that.
∙    What’s the problem? How many people are involved? Are the patients breathing? How old are the patients?
    This is why we recommend you follow DRAB, and only call the ambulance once you know whether the patient is breathing or not!

Never call an ambulance if it is NOT an emergency. If the ambulance is responding to a false call and someone needs them elsewhere, the person who really needs them might die.