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It’s really important to always check for danger. It’s really tempting to go and help someone, without thinking first, but you must always think!

If the person in the picture below was standing in front of you, what would you do first?

Kite and Pylon

The first thing you should always do is check for danger.

Kite and Pylon - Zap

In this picture, electricity is a danger. There’s lots and lots of electricity in the big wires outside, so don’t touch the patient at all - get an adult to help you as soon as you can.

Electricity at home can also hurt you. Things like hairdryers, kettles, and irons might electrocute you. If someone’s still holding onto something like this, turn the electricity off at the socket, and move the object away from them with a wooden stick.

What would you do first in this scenario?

Pedestrian in Road


I hope you didn’t say you’d see if they’re alright. If you did, oh dear...

Pedestrian in Road


The other thing that can sometimes cause Danger, is blood. Sometimes blood can carry nasty germs in it, so you should always be careful when there's blood about. If there are some, you should wear some plastic gloves- like the ones they wear in hospital, or at the Dentist.

Once you know you're safe, we can move on to see whether the injured person is alright or not.