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This website is no substitute for formal first aid teaching. If you enjoy first aid or want to know more, try joining a first aid organisation.

BBC First Aid

The Red Cross has some very good videos on first aid things.

Children's First Aid - how to treat young people, designed by the Red Cross

St John Ambulance-  has a section, just for young people, called Badgers. Look at the website to find out more. On their website they’ve got some audio files on first aid.

Teach the Difference- lots of resources about teaching young people first aid. Again specifically mentions Brownies. Lots of activities and comes recommended.

NHS Direct also has some first aid details.

Kids Health also explains first aid.

This website also explains first aid well, and has some clear pictures and explainations.

CPR made easy goes through CPR step by step, with some great illustrations.

Parents First Aid This website has been recommended from Katelyn and has got lots of useful information about first aid, and home safety. A good resource for any parent.

Keep your Family Safe

First Aid Answers recommended by Meagan. Lots of information about lots of first aid problems.

Home Safe recommended by Marion

Playground First Aid recommended by Kim. Links to further useful resources.

Family first Aid recommended by Maya.