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Recovery Position

We put someone in the recovery position for a few reasons - can you think of them?
Firstly, it means that they are safe- they're not going to roll anywhere.
Secondly- any vomit and muck in their mouth can drain out, so their airway isn't blocked.
Thirdly- their chest can move easily
Fourthly - if anyone else sees them whilst you are calling the ambulance, they highly suspect that someone else has already seen the patient.

The best way to learn the recovery position is to get someone to show you! This video, prepared by the red cross, is really good though:

- Check for Danger
- Check for Response




- Open Airway
- Check Breathing


- Check for any danger to the patient- this might be broken glass on the floor, their glasses, keys in their pockets. If you take anything out of their pockets, make sure you leave them in the patient's hand, so they can find them when they wake up.
- Put the hand nearest to you roughly at right angles to the patient.  Some people say to bend the arm, other people say to keep it straight - it's up to you.
- Take the hand furthest away from you, and put it on the patient's cheek. You need to keep holding it there, otherwise it will fall away.
- Lift the leg furthest away from you up, and bend it.


- Roll the patient towards you, using their leg as a lever, and supporting their head with your other hand.


- Open the airway, and check the patient is still breathing
- Go and call an ambulance.