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Here are some resources I like to use:


Dermatology Identification - primary care dermatological society
Red eye protocol

Paracetamol Overdose -

CEM and GEMNet Guidelines
Needlesticks, pre-transfusion samples, triage, alcohol related harms, unscheduled care facilities.
Consent, capacity and restraint; HIV testing, safe sedation, AAA transfer, crowding, witness statement for police, end of life care, guideline use, sexual assault/rape, C-spine, domestic violence, pain in adults, pain in children, community violence, ketamine, safeguarding children, CEM antidotes.

Mental health in the ED toolkit
Restraining patients

GEM Net; allergic reaction, TCAs, VTE, Headache, Seizure
Summaries of NICE guidelines

External Guidelines
Local Guidelines


Endocrine Bible - handy hints for managing, investigating and recognising endocrine emergencies.

Diabetes Bible - handy hints for diabetes care.


GP Resources