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The Hurt Person

Think back to a time when you hurt yourself. How did you feel? Frightened? Upset? Most people feel a little bit frightened after they’ve hurt theirself, even if they’ve not hurt themselves very much. So a really really important part of first aid is to try and make the hurt person feel better - even if you can't remember any first aid.

Say hello, and tell them your name. Even if you think they can't hear you, they might be able to, and it might help to stop you panic! If they’re really hurt, you might want to go and get an adult to help. Listen to the hurt person, and tell them that everything will be alright. Once you've done this, if you can remember you first aid, try and solve the problem.

After everything's finished and the hurt person is feeling better, try not to tell anyone about the accident- especially if it's a bit embarrasing. You can tell Doctors and other medical peope everything you know, but don't tell anyone from the newspaper too much - how would you feel if you'd fallen down the stairs, and wet yourself and everyone knew about it because it was in the newspaper? This includes telling your friends all about it - you could tell them what happened, but nothing that would let them guess who the person was - you can't say the person who lives at number 34 had an accident. This is called confidentiality.

Practice being nice to people - it makes them feel a lot better, even if they’re not injured!!